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Intercom system Installation in Melbourne

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For a trustworthy and cost-effective communication system in your home or office, it is hard to top an intercom system. This type of two-way communication system allows the tenants to grant access to visitors or employers to communicate directly with an employee in another room. XZA is here to help you improve your communications at home or in the office by installing an intercom system ASAP.

What Are The Different Types of Intercom Systems Available?

With today’s technology, intercom systems have evolved. They can be wireless or wired. The options include:

Audio Intercom: Also known as the audio buzzer, these intercoms allow you to converse when someone buzzes in. There’s also a door release button. You can easily grant them access to come in.

Video Intercom: The video intercom requires a video camera and a screen to display the video. You can directly see the people outside your home or office and respond accordingly. This intercom is the most secure option.

Wired Intercom: A wired intercom is the most cost-effective option. There’s a base station connected to other substations. You can grant visitors permission to get in through a call.

Wireless Intercom: These intercoms depend on invisible radio frequencies that carry signals to other wireless devices. The intercom supports cellular networks or WiFi to maintain a constant connection.

Controlling who is coming in and out without needing to physically confront them isn’t only safer, but much more convenient. it’s also safer for them.
Give your hotel lobby clerk hours of their time back by installing an intercom system that works for them and provides them with a way of safety at work. There are many different models available, from audio to video. You can even get a system That keeps track of visitors making it easier to keep a log of who comes in and out.
If you’re looking to exchange your outdated intercom system or to put in a replacement intercom system. One of our dedicated residential and commercial intercom system experts can create a custom solution to exchange or upgrade your intercom system. Wireless or hard-wired. Video or audio only. Automatic gate entry. The options are vast and a knowledgeable locksmith can assist you in deciding on what your business needs.

Residential and Commercial Intercom System Installation

Let the professions at XZA tell you exactly what you need to ensure your safety in Melbourne. We can provide you with a comprehensive solution using one of many intercom options including:

  • Intercom installation
  • Audio systems
  • Audio & video systems
  • IP intercom
  • Phone entry intercom
  • Telephone intercom
  • Wireless intercom

Make communication quick, clear, and convenient with a new state-of-the-art Intercom System professionally installed by XZA. There are many practical benefits to installing an intercom system, which include streamlined communication and added security. An intercom system for your business (or home) offers a variety of options and features that will enable you and your staff to work safely and more efficiently.

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